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15. Reporting Results (Back to Table of Contents)

A. The captain of the winning team is responsible for the completion and mailing of the score sheet within 24 Hours.

1. In the event of a tie score the home team will be responsible for mailing the results sheet.

2. Results may be E-mailed for speed and security purposes. This does not replace the physical mailing requirements.

3. E-mailed results fail upon non receipt of results sheet.

4. Protest of E-mail results when team captains do not agree will result in zero (0) points for both teams

B. Each team captain is responsible for the accuracy of his entries on the score sheet with his signature attesting to the same.

C. Lack of a score sheet shall not be an excuse for late reporting of results. Score sheets not mailed within 24 hours following the end of a match shall be considered late.

1. Missing score sheets will be noted on the result sheet. Sheets missing for more than two (2) weeks with no submission of match information to the association secretary will result in both teams forfeiting all points for said match.

2. The second late score sheet from a given team may result in forfeiture of one (1) point by that team. One additional point may be forfeited for all subsequent late sheets by that team for that season.

D. High Scores (Back to Table of Contents)

1. High scores and/or achievements must be entered on the score sheet and initialed by both team captains.

2. High scores recognized by the S.G.V.D.A. shall include but not be limited to:

a. In all 01 games, any score of 171 or higher, the highest on or out in a division. In 301 a six or seven dart game. In 501 a nine or ten dart game

b. In cricket "Dead Eyes" (i.e. 9 count) and a perfect game (8 dart) will be recognized. (Double bulls will be accepted for a "Dead Eye Award". Example: Double bull, Double bull, Triple20 will be considered a Dead Eye.)

c. Substitute players will be eligible for individual awards but not eligible for team awards.

16. League Statistics (Back to Table of Contents)

A. All results posted by the association secretary shall be considered final unless protested within ten (10) days of posting.

17. Division Champions and Playoffs (Back to Table of Contents)

A. The team with the highest number of win points at the end of each season is that divisions' champion. (Loss points are of no consequence, and will not be taken into consideration for position.)

B. First and second place ties will be played off within one (1) week of the last regularly scheduled match in that division.

C. Should more than two (2) teams tie, a full round-robin playoff will be arranged between those teams in question on consecutive nights. Playoffs will continue until a winner is determined. All matches, when possible will be played at a neutral location. The team number designations for the round-robin will be drawn by lot. The home team will be determined by a coin flip.

D. Ties for positions other than first and second place will be shared between the teams involved and there will be no play off.

E. Rule 8D is interpreted to allow established substitutes during playoffs

18. Postponements: (Back to Table of Contents)

A. A match may be postponed by mutual agreement of both team captains.

B. No postponements will be allowed during playoffs.

C. No postponements will be allowed on the last three (3) matches of the season.

D. It will be the responsibility of the team captain requesting the postponement or pre-play to notify the association secretary within 48 hours of the postponement or pre-play.

E. All postponed matches must be played within six (6) days of the regularly scheduled date.

F. Should a match not be played within the allotted six days the Board will determine a course of action.

G. Should one or both teams continue to procrastinate, the matter will be placed on the agenda for the next Board meeting with a maximum penalty for both teams of zero (0) points for that match.

H. If the home team requests a postponement, the visiting team may request a change of venue.

I. The requested team shall have the right to set the date and time for the match provided such are considered reasonable by the Board.

J. If both team captains agree and inform the association secretary, they may play their match before the night on which it is scheduled.

19. Forfeits: (Back to Table of Contents)

A. Should a team have less than the minimum number of players required for a match fifteen (15) minutes past the scheduled starting time it shall forfeit and receive zero (0) points for that match. Courtesy and consideration should be extended under unusual circumstances which may prohibit the timely start of a match. Abuse of these courtesies may be grounds for protest.

B. The complete team will be awarded all but one (1) of the points to be won in that match. Should a team forfeit on the last night of the season the opponent will receive all the points to be won in that match.

20. Teams Withdrawing: (Back to Table of Contents)

A. A team shall be considered withdrawn from the league as of receipt of written notice to the association secretary from the team captain.

B. A team shall be automatically withdrawn from the league if it forfeits twice in one season.

C. All matches played against a withdrawn team shall be considered null and void if the team withdraws during the first round. If team withdraws during any other round all of it's matches played since the last full round shall be considered null and void.

21. Protest Procedure: (Back to Table of Contents)

A. Any league member may file a protest IN WRITING to the Board

B. Protests may be initiated by telephone to any Board member or by stating same on the front of the score sheet. A protest on the score sheet is NOT a protest in writing. The details of the protest must be in writing, separate and apart from the score sheet to maintain a valid protest.

C. Details must be submitted in writing to the association secretary no later than five (5) days after the alleged infraction took place or the protest shall be considered invalid.

D. Appeal of Board decisions shall be assigned to a panel of neutral captains whose decision will be final.

E. In the event that a Board member is on one of the teams involved in a protest, that Board member will not be allowed to discuss the protest at a Board meeting without a representative of the opposing side present and given the opportunity of responding.

F. Should one or more Board members be involved in a protest those Board members will not be allowed to vote on the protest decision. Should the number of Board members involved in a protest make it such that a quorum of the board is not possible, neutral captains will be appointed to fill the vacancies to the point of reaching a quorum.

22. Gambling: (Back to Table of Contents)

A. Gambling is neither sanctioned nor authorized at S.G.V.D.A. events.

23. Rules of Games (Back to Table of Contents)

A. Game of 301:

1. To commence scoring the player must land a dart in the outer (double) ring. That and all subsequent darts shall be counted for score less the exceptions noted in rule 23-A-4.

2. The center bull is taken to be a double for the purposes of starting or ending a leg.

3. To finish a leg a player's dart must land in the double equal to one half of his remaining score.

4. The Bust Rule: A thrower busts when with three darts or less they score more points than remain in the leg for their team. When this occurs the score remains as it was prior to their throw. The next opposing player the takes their regular throw. A player also busts when with three darts or less they leave a score of one (1).

5. A dart thrown and hitting the board after a finishing double or a bust has been hit is of no consequence.

B. Games of 501, 701, 801, etc.:

1. A straight start will be used and with the exception of not having to "double on" these games will be played with the same rules as 301

C. Game of Cricket (American): (Back to Table of Contents)

1. The objective shall be to close/own certain numbers. The player/team to do so first shall be the winner.

2. Cricket shall be played using the numbers 20,19,18,17,16,15, and the inner and outer bull for singles and doubles. For team game the numbers 14,13,12,11,10 shall be included.

3. To close a number (inning) the player must score three of that number. This can be accomplished with three singles, a single and a double or a triple. Should a player/team during their turn score more in one number than required to close that number, the extra points will be counted as score if the opponetnt has not closed that number.

4. Once a player closes a number prior to their opponent closing that number, each time they land a dart in that number they score the amount the darts total. Once their opponent closes that number no further scoring can be accomplished.

5. To close the bulls, the outer bull counts as a single and the inner bull counts as a double. For scoring the outer bull scores 25, the inner bull scores 50.

6. Numbers can be closed in any order desired by the player/team. Calling your shot is not necessary.

7. If a player/team closes all of their numbers first and is behind in points, they must continue to score on any numbers not closed by their opponent until the point deficit is made up or their opponent closes all their numbers.

24. Sportsmanship: (Back to Table of Contents)

A. Good sportsmanship shall be the prevailing attitude during all S.G.V.D.A. competition.

B. Any conduct that results or could result in physical harm to another person may result in permanent expulsion from the association.

C. Any other form of disruptive or abusive conduct is grounds for protest to the Board for disciplinary action.

25. RATING SYSTEM: ( See Rule 7-J ) (Back to Table of Contents)

A. A players first rating will be based on the division that they start playing.

B. Should a player that participates in more than 3 weeks in one season win 70% or more of their points, their rating will be upgraded by one division.

C. Should a player that participates in more than 5 weeks in one season lose 70% or more of their points, their rating will be downgraded by one division.

D. Once a player is rated that rating will apply on all nights that they play. ( A person may not be an rated an A player on Monday and rated a B player on Wednesday)

E. When a team is moved from one division to another the individual ratings will not change unless Rule 25 B, C or 25 J is applied.

,F. At the end of a season when a lower division player upgrades their rating, and there is already an upper division player on that team, that team must compete in the higher division or change the roster of their team to conform to Rule 7-J.

G. Ratings will be reviewed at the end of each season and changes will be taken into account for the next season.

H. Any player that feels that their rating is inaccurate may appeal to the Board for a change. The decision of the Board is final.

I. Substitute players will not considered as rated players and may be used as needed without regard to division status as long as the rules governing the use of substitutes are adhered to.

J. When a lower division player is competing in a higher division and wins 40% or more of their matches, their rating will be upgraded a division.

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