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(Membership--Fees--Board--Elections--Meetings--Recall of Board Member)



Sec. 1. Whenever the initials S.G.V.D.A. , are used in these Bylaws and League Rules, they shall mean SAN GABRIEL VALLEY DART ASSOCIATION.

Sec. 2. Whenever the word BOARD is used it shall mean the officers described in ARTICLE V, Sec. 1.

Sec. 3. Whenever the term SENIOR BOARD MEMBER is used it shall mean the most senior Board Member in terms of continuous service.

Sec. 4. Whenever the word NEUTRAL is used it shall mean a current Member of the S.G.V.D.A. League, not a member of the team, location or division under discussion.


The name of the organization shall be: San Gabriel Valley Dart Association


Sec. 1. The objectives of the S.G.V.D.A. shall be to promote competitive darts, coordinate and oversee the functions and activities of darts, both in league, and where sponsored, in tournament darts - according to the rules in effect. To establish friendly relationships with other similar organizations.

Sec. 2. The S.G.V.D.A. shall be a non-profit, non-politically affiliated and non-sectarian organization.


Sec. 1. Membership is open to anyone who shows interest in darts as a sport.

Sec. 2. All membership applications are subject to approval by the BOARD.

Sec. 3. A membership may be terminated or restricted by a majority opinion of the BOARD for the following:

a. Personal conduct which is prejudicial to the sport of darts, or who's personal behavior is prejudicial to order and discipline, or other mitigating circumstances.

b. Physical violence or threats of physical violence to another.

Sec. 4. The boards decision in such matters may be appealed by the member concerned to a committee comprised of at least ( 5 ) Neutral Captains. Such appeals must be in writing and have been received by the Secretary no later than (7) days after the Boards' ruling. The Secretary shall arrange for a location for such a meeting and notice sent to the Neutral Captains within ( 3 ) days of receipt of the appeal. The meeting must take place within ( 10 ) days of receipt of appeal. No further appeals will be possible.

Sec. 5. Only registered S.G.V.D.A. members may participate in S.G.V.D.A. sponsored leagues.

Sec. 6. It shall be the responsibility of each member to be in possession of his/her membership card.

Sec. 7. Lost or mutilated cards may be replaced after a payment of a $2.00 processing fee is received by the Board Secretary or Treasurer.

Sec. 8. An honorary membership or a membership for a specified duration, may be issued, at no charge to the recipient, by a 2/3 majority of those members present at a general meeting. such membership carries with it all voting rights and privileges accorded to S.G.V.D.A. members in good standing.

Sec. 9. Lifetime membership may be purchased for a fee of $125.00. Such a membership carries with it all voting rights and privileges accorded to S.G.V.D.A. members in good standing.


Sec. 1. Membership and team fees shall be established by a quorum of the BOARD.

Sec. 2. Membership fees shall be applicable for the period of time established by 2/3 majority of those members present at a general meeting.

Sec. 3. An applicant for membership shall be considered properly registered in the League when, within the current Bylaws, his/her application card and specified membership fee has been paid to the team captain on the first night of a current season.

Sec. 4. Team fees shall be applicable each season.

Sec. 5. Any team changing Home Location during the course of any one season, for reasons other than expulsion or closing of the Home Location, shall reimburse that sponsor at a rate of $5.00 per remaining Home Matches, Such reimbursement shall not exceed the total fee posted by the sponsor. Such a team shall not be permitted to continue League Play unless the Board has been advised by the affected Sponsor that such reimbursement has been made by the Team.

ARTICLE V -THE BOARD (back to top)

Sec. 1. The governing Board of the S.G.V.D.A. shall consist of (9) members.

Sec. 2. To be eligible for election and/or appointment to the BOARD, an individual must be a member in good standing of the S.G.V. D.A. for a period of (90) days prior to the date of filing for election and/or appointment, and has submitted a letter of intent to run for the BOARD (30) days prior to the date of the election.

Sec. 3. The term of office for elected Board Members shall be for one (1) year with no restriction on consecutive terms.

Sec. 4. Elected and/or appointed Board Members shall assume office at the next regularly scheduled Board Meeting directly following the election.

Sec. 5. No more than (2) Sponsors may serve on the BOARD at any one time, Exception: Those sponsors who become sponsors after the date of election shall be permitted to complete their term of office.

Sec. 6. BOARD vacancies occurring as a result of not filing a letter of intent to run for the BOARD or pursuant to Sec. 7. herein below, shall be filled by appointment, consistent with a quorum of BOARD members present and voting. Such vacancies shall be filled at the next regularly scheduled Board meeting, following the creation of the vacancy, but in no event shall such vacancy be filled later than (45) days from the creation of the vacancy.

Sec. 7. A Board Member automatically resigns when, without sufficient cause, he/she fails to appear at (3) three regularly scheduled, consecutive Board Meetings. Board members who resign under this section shall be ineligible to hold a Board office for a period of (1) one year following such resignation.


Sec. 1. Board meetings are held once in each calendar month, scheduled at least ( 28 ) twenty eight days in ,advance, pursuant to a schedule to be determined by the BOARD and announced at the first Board meeting following elections.

Sec. 2. Special or emergency meetings may be called by any member of the BOARD provided that such meetings are attended by a Quorum of ( 5 ) five Board members provided that all Board members are notified (3) three days in advance of the meeting time, place and purpose of said meeting.

Sec. 3. No individual member of the BOARD may initiate or cause to initiate any League business or attempt to commit the BOARD or the General Membership to a written or verbal contractual agreement with regard to any League Business or Function before said transaction is presented to the BOARD at the next regularly scheduled Board meeting.

Sec. 4. Pursuant to Sec. 3. above. Under penalty of disciplinary and/or Civil action, no Board member shall place, or cause to place the Board or the General Membership in Legal or Financial jeopardy through the individual action or commitments or co-action of a representative of that individual or by other overt or covert action.

Sec. 5. Board meetings shall have a time limit of ( 2 1/2 ) two and a half hours from the time the meeting is called to order.

Sec. 6. A Quorum shall consist of 5 ) five members from a ( 9 ) nine member Board. A Quorum is considered to be ( 1 ) one board member over ( 1/2) half of the total Board membership.

Sec. 7. In all matters of the S.G.V.D.A. the BOARD shall have the power to promulgate and enforce such rules as may supplement these Bylaws when necessary to the efficient and harmonious administration of the organization, including but not limited to Results, Forfeits, Eligibility of players, Equipment, and Eligibility of Sponsoring Establishments.

Pursuant to Sec. 7. above. When invoking Board privilege a Quorum of the BOARD must be present and voting either at the next regularly scheduled Board meeting and/or in cases of emergency decisions, a quorum of the Board must be querried, their vote recorded and submitted in written from to the BOARD at the next regularly scheduled Board meeting. Failure to uphold the intent of this section shall result in no decision and will be in violation of ARTICLE VI, Sec. 4. of the Bylaws.



Sec. 1. Elections to fill the Board offices of President, Treasurer and Board members shall be held annually, during the month of September, at a date, time and place to be designated by the BOARD.

Sec. 2. The Secretary shall call for candidates for all existing BOARD positions no sooner than (60) sixty days, and no later than (50) fifty days prior to the date scheduled for elections, by written communication.

Sec. 3. Written communication for the call of candidates for office shall contain the listed duties and qualifications for each office presented for election.

Sec. 4. Having read the list of Duties and Qualifications those S.G.V.D.A. members wishing to place themselves in contention for an office shall notify the Secretary , in writing, no later than ( 35 ) thirty five days prior to the date of election.

Sec. 5. A general Membership meeting shall be called by the Secretary for the purpose of introducing the declared candidates to the Membership and to entertain additional nominations from the floor. Notwithstanding, and pursuant to Sec. 2. and Sec. 3. , all declared candidates shall be present at this General Meeting. The General Membership meeting shall be called for Pursuant to Sec. 3. with regard to time and place the meeting is to take place, which will be no sooner than ( 40 ) forty days and no later than (30) thirty days prior to the scheduled election.

Sec. 6. Once the General Membership meeting has concluded, and additional candidates have been declared, there shall be no further nominations or declaration of candidates entered into record.

Sec. 7. Each General Member of the S.G.V. D.A., in good standing, may cast ( 1 ) one vote for each Board office and/or vacancy to be filled.

Sec. 8. All elections shall be by secret ballot. It shall be the responsibility of the Secretary to construct such a ballot(s). All ballots shall include space for the manes of the declared candidates only.

Sec. 9. Applications for the office of President must have served at least one prior term on the Board of Directors.

Sec. 10. Pursuant to Sec. 4. all applicants for a BOARD position must submit a signed, written application to the Secretary, which must include the statement that the applicant is bondable, to the best of his/her knowledge.

Sec. 11. In order to insure organizational harmony, no more than ( 2/3 ) two thirds of the BOARD can be replaced at any election.

Sec.12. In the event the membership wishes to replace more than 2/3 of the BOARD, a special election meeting must be held pursuant to the provisos in Article VIII sec. 3, and Article VIII sec 4 with the exception that all current members must be notified and eligible to vote.


Sec. 1. BOARD MEETINGS: Such meetings shall be comprised of Board members only or invited ad hoc advisors.

Sec. 2. GENERAL MEETINGS: A minimum of one General Meeting, per season, will be mandatory. One such meeting may be held for the purpose of elections. In this event, such a meeting must be announced by direct mail, pursuant to ARTICLE Vil, Sec. 5. of the Bylaws. Voting shall be limited to S.G.V.D.A. Members in good standing.

Sec. 3. SPECIAL GENERAL MEETINGS: Such a meeting may be called for by (5)five or more members, and for a specific purpose only. The specific purpose must be in writing and witnessed by the signatures of one third ( 1/3 ) of the members in good standing Current membership numbers must accompany each signature. No other general business will be discussed at such a meeting. The Board shall be given (7) seven days notice pursuant to Sec. 2. hereinabove of the time and place for such a meeting to be held, no later than (20) twenty days from the date of receipt of a petition by the Secretary. Such a meeting shall be conducted by the President, and shall be comprised of a committee of ( 3 ) board members, and the Captain or authorized member from each registered team.

Sec. 4. RECALL MEETINGS: Such meetings shall be held subject to the provisions set forth in ARTICLE XIV.

Sec. 5. PROTEST MEETINGS: Such meetings shall be subject to the provisions set forth in those rules currently in effect.

Sec. 6. CAPTAINS MEETINGS: Such meetings shall be comprised of a committee from the Board and the captain or authorized member from each registered team.

Sec. 7. Unless otherwise specified, all meetings shall be called at the discretion of the Board.

Sec. 8. Unless otherwise specified, meeting announcements must be mailed at least ( 5 ) five days in advance of the meeting.

Sec. 9. Members, other than sponsors, using a sponsoring establishments as their home address, will not be included in any of the mailings decreed by the Board.

Sec. 10. It is the responsibility of the Member to maintain a current and valid mailing address with the secretary.

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